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Bauer 3X SR Goal Stick

New for 2021, Bauer Goalie has released their next stick in the Vapor line. With key upgrades from the previous model, the Bauer Vapor3X Senior Goalie Stick is designed to be one of the lighter sticks on the market.

Starting with the blade of the stick, Bauer has introduced a new shape to the infamous P31 curve. Now, the Bauer 3X Senior comes with a rounded toe to improve puck handling. The entire blade and paddle are made of ExpandCel Constructions which provides solid durability. At the paddle of the stick, ExpandCel runs from the curve all the way to the shoulder of the stick.

Finally up to the shaft of the 3X Senior, a composite shaft with carbon reinforcements help increase the durability of the shaft by distributing the impact of shots effectively through the stick. Beyond that, the 3X Senior features a shorter shaft which is specifically designed for the goaltender to get their hand to the top of the stick faster.

If you are an intermediate-level goaltender that is looking for the lighter-weight and durable composite stick, look no further than the Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Goalie Stick