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CCM Eflex 5 Goalie Stick Sr

Starting with the look, CCM went with an off-center logo design to bring attention to the stick. This same logo design can be found on the back of the paddle.

The front of the EF5 Pro stick features a unique design where the blade and paddle are made of Innegra material for ultimate performance and puck stopping abilities. The back of the paddle and shaft are made of Sigmatex carbon to have a lightweight feel and great durability. The combination of these two materials creates the asymmetrical design.

In addition to the Innegra and Sigmatex combination, aerograde foam inside of the stick creates better vibration dampening tendencies so the goalie does not feel rattling in the hand when making saves. This foam also helps create a solid balance point so the goalie does not feel fatigue in the arm throughout use.

Not only is the EF5 pro designed to stop pucks, but it also designed to help goalies snap quick outlet passes. With the lox flex profile, and combined asymmetrical construction, expect this stick to feel different than other models of years past.

Finally, throughout the stick the EF5 Pro features optimized textures to help reduces weight while increasing control.

If you are an elite-level goaltender looking for a high-end stick looking for solid performance, a low whip and fantastic balance, look no further than the CCM Extreme Flex 5 Pro Senior Goalie Stick.