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CCM Goalie Mask SR Axis 1.5

Brand new for 2020, CCM has unleashed the next iteration to the CCM goalie mask line. The CCM Axis A1.5 Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask is an NHL inspired shell and is packed with new features and materials aimed to improve comfort and more importantly, protection.

Starting off with the Shell of the CCM A1.5, a Polycarbonate shell is used to provide protection while being shaped for puck deflection in key impact zones.

Internally, you will see several materials which are strategically placed to provide the best level of protection available. Multi-layered VN Foam lines the entire helmet and is built to protect and provide comfort for the goaltender.

Wrapping up the internals, a terry cloth fabric sweatband is comfortable while doing the job a sweatband should do. Down lower to the chin cup, an adjustable foam chin cup cradles the goaltenders head in a comfortable position.

Finally, the cage is made of Stainless Steel and provides high impact protection for pucks that may hit this area.

Compared to the CCM A1.9 Goalie Mask, the CCM A1.5 features higher levels of protection and materials both internally and externally.

If you are an entry-level goaltender looking for a goalie mask with proprietary materials used to create a highly protective and comfortable experience, look no further than the CCM Axis A1.5 Senior Certified Straight Bar Goalie Mask.