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Graf G755 Sr Skate

The GRAF PRO G755 is the evolution of the 735 models of GRAF Hockey.The plastic protection cover on the side of the forefoot protects the player and improves the durability at this sensitive point on the skates in equal measure. In terms of fit, the PRO G755 offers a little more freedom around the forefoot and toes at the front, while the shoe fits relatively tight at the heel. GRAF uses a reinforced PRO microfiber composite quarter panel which is one of the best heat moldable quarter panels GRAF Hockey has ever developed. The heat moldable flex tongue with extra thick felt protects the foot better and keeps it in the shoe better than any other high-tech tongue. The PRO 755 uses the PRO 3D Comfort Lining, first developed for the MCI Tech line, which differs from traditional GRAF padding in only adding one thin layer of material between the padding and the lining. This results in a more contoured inner life of the shoe and more direct contact to the boot. The PRO 3D padding also helps to anchor the heel well in the shoe. The 4K Carbon Fiber outsole reduces the weight of the shoe and improves the transfer of energy to the runner.Some people claim that the GRAF PRO 755 is a "back-to-the-roots" skate. But they are wrong with this statement. At GRAF Hockey there is a long-standing tradition introduced by Karl Graf of improving existing models instead of coming up with a completely new concept every few years. A PRO 755 is therefore much more an eagle, a surviving descendant of the magnificent dinosaurs, than a fossil that GRAF unearthed and revived against the will of nature.