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CCM E Flex 5.9 Int C&A

Designed for today’s goaltender, the E5.9 Intermediate includes a new Max Flex fit system which combines ultimate mobility and superb protection. Starting at the shoulders, the E5.9 Intermediate has specific quick release Velcro adjustments for a customizable fit. Directly underneath, the shoulder cap has compression-molded HD foam to protect against hard shots.

At the sternum and chest, molded HD foams protects the heart from hard shots. Around this HD foam, you will find multi-segmented HD/LD foam with optimized protection that gives a square shape to the shooter but ultimate flexibility when moving around the crease.

Rib protection on the E5.9 Intermediate wraps around the bottom of the stomach to protect from pesky pucks that try to sneak through when in a blocking position. Beyond that, a removable inner wrap provides more customizable options for protection and flexibility. You will find segmented coverage on the back and spine plate to allow for ultimate flexibility.

For the arms on E5.9 Intermediate independent adjustable elbow caps sit comfortably on the goaltender so the arm of the chest protector stays on the arm of the goalie. This provides for quick movement and ultimate coverage. On the front of the arm, compression-molded HD foam offers superior protection and mobility.

If you are an advanced-level goaltender looking for a protective chest protector that is designed for ultimate mobility while you make any type of save, look no further than the CCM Extreme Flex E5.9 Intermediate Goalie Chest & Arm Protector.